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What’s the difference between a Counsellor / Psychotherapist /

Hypnotherapist / Psychologist / Psychiatrist?

In Human Givens we make no distinction between a Counsellor and a Psychotherapist since we are qualified as both. Indeed in practice also there is little difference, what matters is your Therapists experience and credentials. We are also qualified in Hypnotherapy and the use of ‘clinical’ hypnosis. We cannot prescribe medicines.

A Hypnotherapist also uses and is qualified in the use of hypnosis, often though not always for use in the treatment of specific conditions, such as over eating, stopping smoking, phobic conditions etc. They may or may not be qualified in Psychotherapy and Counselling, or in Life Coaching.

A Psychologist is academically qualified in psychology and is not necessarily trained in Counselling, Psychotherapy or hypnosis. They may be qualified diagnosticians, and specialists in certain fields. Some Clinical Psychologists may have done their PhD (Doctorate) in either an academic field or in a therapeutic field.

A Psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor who has chosen to specialise in Psychiatry - mental illness - and can prescribe medicines. They may not be qualified in Psychotherapy or in Counselling and hypnosis. They are more often diagnosticians, although this is not always the case, and there are  Psychiatrists who are also qualified Psychotherapists.

Check the credentials of your chosen Therapist and decide for yourselves who would serve you best.

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Hilarie has CRB accreditation via The Maidenhead Clinic (PCT) Disclosure Number: 001319767429


Hilarie is a Human Givens Psychotherapist and Counsellor practising in Marlow Buckinghamshire. She is experienced in the use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and many other therapeutic and life coaching techniques.

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