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How many sessions will I need?

This will depend upon you as an individual, and we are all different. However the majority of those who actively work with their Therapist, and who are proactive in their approach, will normally require no more than SIX one hour sessions.

What is Psychotherapy and how does it work?

Psychotherapy works because Client and Therapist work together. The more skilled and diverse the experience of the Therapist, (and the more willing the Client to actively engage in the therapeutic process), the greater is the probability that psychotherapy will be effective.

Where the Client does not make rapid progress it’s usually because they are unable to engage in the therapeutic process (perhaps because of some other major condition, such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder), or because the causes of their resistance to therapy requires a more in depth approach - not immediately apparent to the Therapist.

They aren’t wrong in this resistance, it’s just their way of handling things. And it’s why this job is always so challenging, there are as many ways of helping someone as there are people needing that help.

In these instances more sessions may be required or a referral to another specialist recommended.

No two therapy sessions are the same. They may follow similar lines and there may be common themes, but each of us is a unique individual, and so therapy needs to be tailored to our individual needs.

Sessions are usually taken at weekly intervals, and the frequency of the sessions will be agreed between us.

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Hilarie is a Human Givens Psychotherapist and Counsellor practising in Marlow Buckinghamshire. She is experienced in the use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and many other therapeutic and life coaching techniques.

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